July 14, 2020

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The double top pattern is one of the most common technical patterns used by Forex traders. It’s certainly one of my go-to methods of identifying a potential top. Just as the name implies, this price action pattern involves the formation of two highs at a critical resistance level. ...read more


Triple Top / Triple Bottom Forex Trading Strategy

Jul 14, 2019 - Triple Top Pattern on a Forex chart. #ForexTrading #ForexTips Triple Top Pattern on a Forex chart. #ForexTrading #ForexTips ...read more


How to Trade Symmetrical Triangle Chart Pattern in Forex

Meer items ...read more


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The Triple Top Reversal is a bearish reversal pattern typically found on bar charts, line charts and candlestick charts. There are three equal highs followed by a break below support.As major reversal patterns, these patterns usually form over a 3 to 6 month period. ...read more


Trading Double Tops And Double Bottoms

The triple top chart pattern is formed when market moves beyond the neckline or the support level. How is the triple top pattern traded in forex? Trade entry. Enter short (sell) position below the neckline when the price of the currency pair breaks from its third peak and goes below the neckline. Stop loss ...read more


Trading the Double Top and Triple Top Reversal Chart Patterns

27-09-2018 · What is a triple top pattern in forex. A triple top pattern in forex is a three peak and two bottoms pattern arranged almost at the same level. When you join the highs/peaks you form a resistance level and when you connect the lows/bottoms, you … ...read more


Double Top Pattern • Double Bottom Pattern • Ultimate Guide

A Triple Top is a bearish reversal chart pattern that signals the sellers are in control; It’s not a good idea to short a Triple Top pattern when it’s obvious as you’re likely coming into an area of Support; Don’t chase the breakdown of a Triple Top pattern as the market is likely to make a pullback ...read more


Triple tops and bottoms - Forex MT4 EA

The triple top / triple bottom forex trading strategy employs a unique price action pattern that tries to locate three swing highs/lows around the same level respectively. In addition to this candlestick pattern, the Advanced Bollinger Bands and Alligator MT4 indicators are added to … ...read more


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A triple top occurs when prices are in an uptrend. Prices rise to a resistance level, retreat, return to the resistance level again, retreat, and finally, return to that resistance level for a third time before declining. In a classic triple top, the decline following the third peak marks the beginning of a downtrend. ...read more


Double Top Pattern: Your Complete Guide to Consistent Profits

04-08-2020 · A Triple Top is a slightly modified Double Top. In practice, it forms the following way: after the first two tops form, another group of buyers enters the market hoping for further growth of the price. ...read more


How to Trade Triple Top and Triple Bottom Patterns

Back to top. Most profitable forex patterns. Double tops, double bottoms, head and shoulders, rounded top, Rounded Bottom, triangles, and Pennants are a few profitable patterns to name. However, most patterns can be traded profitably and would provide a higher risk and reward ratio. Back to top. Forex patterns cheat sheet ...read more


Trading the Triple Top Stock Chart Pattern - Technical

07-01-2021 · A triple top is considered complete, indicating a further price slide, once the price moves below pattern support. A trader exits longs or enters shorts when the triple top completes. ...read more


Triple Tops and Triple Bottoms Trading Strategy | TradingSim

05-06-2019 · Looking for a complete guide on how to trade double tops and bottoms in the Forex market? Then look no further. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced trader, I’m sure you’ll find a few handy trading tips in the following article.. We’ve covered everything you need to know to successfully trade double tops and bottoms, and will show you a few simple methods that can be ...read more


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The Dow Jones will go up to previous highs at around 26,800 to form a triple top reversal pattern, then will go back down towards 21,500. It's just cyclical. Nothing majorly wrong with the economy (not yet). Read the charts. The trend is your friend. ...read more


Trading Guides: Identifying Chart Patterns in Forex Trading

A triple top is indicating that the bulls may be losing control and a move back lower could soon be on the cards. To find the triple top we need to see the three swing highs all at the same level. As the example shows below; price moves higher three times into the same area. Each time price rejects this area and the triple top is created. ...read more


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Setup channel breakout a) Calculate a 10-bar price channel of highs and lows. Long Entry Position Channel breakout. a) Check for a close above the top line of a 10-bar price channel. b) Check for a new four-bar low within 10 bars of the breakout. ...read more


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HOW TO IDENTIFY THE DOUBLE TOP FOREX CHART PATTERN. It is not complicated issue to identify a double top chart pattern. What you need is only two things(or 3): Two tops, top1 & top2 (or swing highs or peaks )that are almost on the same price level. ...read more


Triple Top Pattern in Forex | Identify & Trade! - Free

Before the breakout, 4 touches to the triangle's borders are the minimum for a valid pattern, more touches are acceptable. Although named symmetrical, the upper and lower borders don't have to be actually symmetrical, as long as lower highs (1 - 3 - …) and higher lows (2 - 4 - …) are being formed, the pattern is considered valid.The breakout of the pattern is expected at around (half / two ...read more


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05-11-2018 · Triple top on GBP/USD The current technical pattern signals a possible correction of the GBP/USD currency pair after a sharp rise last week. Near the local resistance level of 1.30300, the classic reversal pattern of Triple Top has been formed (H1 timeframe). ...read more


Triple Top Chart Pattern - Forex Trading

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Triple Candlestick Patterns in Forex [EXPLAINED

Triple tops and bottoms are the version of the head and shoulders pattern, but it occurs much less frequently. Technical analysts often disagree on whether it is a head and shoulders pattern or it is the triple tops and bottoms pattern, which is actually irrelevant, because the … ...read more